Space Crunch

Shortage of space? Forcefully made to parkoutside someone’s home’sgate or block someone’s car?

Street Parking

Inevitably and inaptly parked your car in street due to lack of designated parking

Worrisome Situation

It constantly worries you if your car is safely and aptly parked outside and not attracting any negative attention?

Well here it is! Parkingsanta arrives to your assistance to solve your parking woes.Just register here and let Parkingsanta worry about your parked car when you are out for one of the infamous 5 minute meetings (pun intended!)

Register Here

How It Works

Look out for ParkingSanta sticker on backside of the improperly parked car

To inform the owner of such car, Send an SMS PPR<space>Car Regn No to 56677

Owner of that car is informed instantly by sending a system generated message

In response to the request, the owner would move his/her car, thus saving trouble to anyone

Our Features

Instantly tracks and informs the owner of improperly parked car.

Finds the owner by just using car number

Contact details are not shared among the users



Cars Registered


Parking issues solved

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